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  • tokio 1

    TOKIO 1

    Kératines provenant du duvet et des plumes d’oiseaux aquatiques, acide aminé du type Gémini, fullerène

    TOKIO 2

     acides aminés de kératines, limnanthe, fullerène

    TOKIO 3

    4 sortes de kératines hydrolysées, polymère hybride, fullerène

    tokio 4

    TOKIO 4

    18 MEA, Céramide 2, Fullerène 




  • EASY !!


    5 step process

  • Step 1

    Wash the hair with shampoo to make them clean.

    Then applying tokio 1 and massage gently with finger throughout whole hair until tokio 1 infiltrate into the hair.

    - you can check in squeezing the hair if the liquid will be overflowing it means it is enough supplied.. 

    Step 2

    Apply tokio 2M with finger throughout the whole hair in massaging gently.

    5 min exposure

    tokio 1 and tokio 2M are in reaction with in these conditions ..


    • Temperature 60 ℃
    • Humidity


    In several way( according with the situation of salon ) 

    • Hair steamer
    • Climazon ( Cover the hair with wet towel to have the hulidity ) 
    • Just cover with wet towel and raped with plastic cling film or hair cap ( to capture the humidity ) 

    Step 3

    And then apply tokio 3M with finger throughout the whole hair in massaging gently.

    Step 4

    Wash the hair with shampoo make it clean .


    Take a tiny quantity ( the size of 1 euro ) of tokio 4

    Rub one's hands together until tokio 4 become very creamy and in white color.


    And then apply tokio 4 with finger though whole wet hair and then wash it immediately ( no need to wait ) 


    It is almost finish.


    Go ahead in setting hair style as your client require.

    Apply Q&K OUT-BATH for finishing.


    It is a serum to make the hair shiny and silky and also for protecting the heat of hair dryer.


    Able to use in both condition wet either dry hair.


    No need to wash!!!

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